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THE Safety App


in South Africa

Taking Back Control



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When it comes to protecting yourself or your family, there can be no compromise.  Whilst most people have some sort of security at home, how safe are you when you leave your house?  

Together with our trusted partners, we've created the largest Emergency Response Network in South Africa to ensure that you get the most experienced, efficient and reliable service when you're at your most vulnerable.  

No matter where you are, 24 hours a day - be it at home, work, play, or even when on holiday anywhere in the country  -  SAFER enables you to take immediate action to get the help you need, which means you'll never be alone - whatever the emergency!

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Medical Emergency backup is provided by ER24

Our Control Centre automatically links you to their Rapid Response Vehicles & Paramedics.

ER24 ambulance.png
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SAFER - Home Screen.png

Activate An Alert

In any emergency, raising an alert needs to be as quick and simple as possible!

SAFER - home & alert screen.png

Either SHAKE your phone or

PRESS the on-screen Panic Button 


                              What Happens Next?

WATCH this short explainer video to see how SAFER works

SAFER alert received
SAFER 24 hour emergency control centre
SAFER armed response on the way
SAFER all emergency contacts, video and audio evidence

Instantly your alert is received by the nearest Security Responder.

Simultaneously, your situation is being monitored by our professional 24 hour Emergency Control Centre, who will ensure that the appropriate Emergency Service has been dispatched.

You'll receive a call within seconds to confirm the nature of your emergency and we'll remain in contact with you until help arrives. If you are not able to answer the call, don't worry - the closest armed response officer is already on his way to you!

At the same time, all of your selected Emergency Contacts also receive an SMS & Email, so that they too can see exactly where you are and what is happening, in real time - via video & audio recordings.

This advanced, world-leading technology is trusted by many international industry leaders and these are a few you may have heard of.   HOWEVER - Only in South Africa do we have an incredible network of over 250 Security companies on call, waiting to respond to your alert!


Who Is This For?

SAFER was created with women in mind

However, EVERYONE IN SOUTH AFRICA BENEFITS. It's the safety solution that empowers YOU to take control in any emergency situation.  The level of crime in our country means that everyone should be taking extra steps to ensure their safety.  That said - what's the ONE THING you always have with you?  YOUR PHONE . . . so make it work for you! 

With this extra layer of protection, you are always PREPARED to call for backup when you need it most - no matter what the situation.  And it's not just for women - the reality is that we're all at risk and our safety can be compromised in the blink of an eye.  So hand the power back to your whole family and sign up to be SAFER today!



Personal Safety Everywhere

Your personal safety is paramount, when running, cycling or hiking.  This service can literally be a lifesaver and is essential for your confidence - wherever you may be!

Teens at festival 2.png


Protecting Your Family

Keep an eye on your children and teens when they are away from home AND give students on campus the simplest way to call for help in any emergency.

Senior Couple


Caring For Your Parents

Giving you peace of mind about the people who matter. Enable your loved ones to quickly and easily get help when they are at their most vulnerable!


Always in Contact

Women working alone are vulnerable. We provide you with an easy way to call for backup in any situation - Even when you may be unable to do so yourself!



Looking After Your Team

A safe team is a happy team! Ensure the safety of your employees as they go about their day by providing them with an extra level of protection, wherever they may be.

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Working Together For Safety

Create a community group where you are all each other's emergency contacts, so that you're able to assist a friend or neighbour in trouble.

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Don't wait until it's too late. . .

What People Are Saying

It's always great to get positive feedback, like these comments from our trial group. 

We'd love to hear of your experiences too, because when you share your stories, you could be helping someone else, who may be feeling vulnerable and not sure where to turn!

“You guys are amazing! You stayed on the phone with me until help arrived - So grateful!”

Khumo B - Soweto

"Like angels in disguise"

Coralie V - Grahamstown

"Excellent service. Very prompt. I'm impressed."

Gert P - Pretoria

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"Violence against women has become more than

a national crisis!"

President Cyril Ramaphosa

Let's Make A Difference!

Be Pro-Active


The SAFER app can be activated by shaking your phone, or by pressing your on-screen alert button.  Your phone immediately records a short video and audio clip, which is instantly sent, with your exact GPS location, to our Control Centre and your emergency contacts via sms & email.   BE PREPARED!

SAFER  - Function Screenshots - Meeting_edited.png

This is a timed alert.  Automatically sending an alert after the allotted time - even if you can't get to your phone.  Ideal for a business professional working alone (Estate Agent?), when meeting strangers (Blind Date?) or even going for a run in a quiet area. This feature notifies your prescribed contacts if you do not return within the pre-determined time. DON'T TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR SAFETY.


Reacts to a sudden impact or fall. Detects if you aren't moving and automatically raises the alert.  This provides extra protection in any situation where injury is a possibility.  GETTING HELP, WHEN YOU CAN'T HELP YOURSELF.


Travel safely knowing that your loved ones are watching over you when you set out on a trip.  They are able to track your progress in real time (on their phone or computer) and will get a notification when you have arrived safely at your destination. TAKE YOUR VIRTUAL TRAVEL BUDDY WITH YOU.

Click here to access our RESOURCE CENTRE for more information about those Frequently Asked Questions


Get instant access to 24/7 emergency response

EVERYONE has full access to ALL of our features - You simply choose whether you'd prefer the affordability of a monthly subscription or the convenience of an annual subscription.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If SAFER is not right for you for absolutely ANY reason, let us know within the first 30 days to get a full refund.


Do you need to protect a larger group of people?


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We'd love to hear from you!

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