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Business Solutions

When the safety of your team is a concern, you'll want to know that you're doing everything possible to provide them with the best protection available.  With SAFER's 24/7 emergency response - anywhere in South Africa - you'll be showing them that you care about their well-being.

                     is an acronym for South Africa's Fastest Emergency Response.  We are able to confidently make this claim, because we have partnered with a nationwide team of nearly 300 security and medical response companies -
This is the LARGEST REACTION network in SA!

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Some Use Cases:

  • Lone Workers

  • Duty of Care legislation

  • Neighbourhood Watch groups

  • Gender-Based Violence sponsorships

  • Re-seller opportunities

  • Value-Added services

  • CSI initiatives

  • Transport logistics

  • Late night workers

The App

  • Proven, leading-edge technology

  • Developed and supported by an experienced international team

  • Available on all operating systems - Apple & Android

  • Easy for anyone to operate at any time

  • Video and audio evidence recordings

  • Notification sent via SMS and email to all emergency contacts

The Response

  • Within SECONDS our 24/7 Control Center will call back to ascertain the nature of the emergency

  • They'll stay on the line until help arrives

  • At the same time, the nearest RESPONDER is immediately dispatched to their exact location

  • 3600+ Armed response officers and paramedics on standby nationwide

  • All chosen ICE contacts will be notified too

App Functions

Receive your own CONTROL PANEL with each customised business solution



  • Easy on-boarding of subscribers

  • CRM tools for managing users

  • User notifications via Email, SMS & Push

  • Geo-located messaging

  • Danger Zones

  • Live Tracking

  • Ability to group users

  • In-app Reporting function

  • Monitoring of all Alerts

  • Set your own Dashboard access permissions

*Control Panel included with packages of 50 or more users.

Take advantage of our special corporate rates, based on volume. Prices quoted are per month and you may cancel at any time.

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Ready to protect your team? 

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