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  • Does SAFER only work in South Africa?
    The app works world-wide, so you can use it while travelling overseas. Please take note that the armed response network is only available in South Africa - however, you may link SAFER to as many of your personal contacts as you like. When travelling, it is advisable to add the people you are staying or working with to your CONTACTS list, so that they will be notified if you get into trouble.
  • Do I need to have a data connection for the app to work?
    Yes, you need to be connected to the network, otherwise there is no way to determine your location. Connection is also required for sending the alert and particularly the video. As most of the time you'll only be in low 'tracking mode', data consumption will be a few cents a day.
  • Will SAFER work if my phone isn't switched on & what effect does it have on battery life?
    No - Your phone must be switched on and you need to be logged in to the app for it to work. SAFER uses the same amount of battery as the many other background apps which run on your phone (like Facebook & Google). We find that for most people it will use about 5% of your battery in a day.
  • Will the app work when I'm in a remote area such as on the mountain?
    Yes, it will work in mountainous areas - provided that there is some reception signal for the alert to be sent out. However, as the information being sent is extremely short, much less than an SMS or making a phone call, this means that although you may think that you don't have enough signal, SAFER will usually be able to send out the alert. The video and audio evidence is unlikely to be sent though, unless there is a strong enough signal. Should it not immediately be able to transmit, the app will continue attempting to send the alert until such time as it receives signal, or the battery runs out. This has been successfully tested out in many remote areas, including on Table Mountain.
  • Are my movements always being tracked?
    You choose when to be logged in to SAFER and there is no way of tracking you if you aren't logged in. The platform is fully compliant with all privacy laws & GDPR - there is no way for anyone to see where you are, unless you have given them permission to do so via the JOURNEY function.
  • Is it possible to trigger an alert without my attacker knowing?
    We realise that it's not always appropriate to have a loud, piercing alarm set off. For this reason, we provide customisable settings for different circumstances. In a domestic abuse situation, for instance, you may need to send out an alert for help, without appearing to do anything which could escalate the situation. A discrete alert can be activated by chosing the 'Stealth' profile setting. This won't change the appearance of your screen or in any way draw attention to the fact that you have sent out an alert and are recording the evidence.
  • How do I get SAFER on my phone & why do you need to 'access permissions'?
    When you register for SAFER you will receive an SMS containing a link to download the app. Click on this and it will automatically detect what phone you are using & take you to the appropriate app store. Download the app. Login with your email and the password you created when you registered. You only need to do this once, as your phone will remember this information. Accept all PERMISSIONS. We require access to these functions on your phone for the app to work properly and to ensure that you get the best possible results. To be able to send messages to your chosen Emergency Contacts, we need to know their details and to capture evidence, we need to be able to access your camera and microphone. The SAFER app ONLY uses this access when you have activated an alert! Take a minute to go through the in-app training to familiarize yourself with how SAFER works. Completing your personal and medical details allows us to deliver a better service and in an emergency we will know who we are looking for (what you look like) and any pertinent medical information.
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