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Referral Programme
Sharing the SAFER opportunity

Referral Programme

Our Referral Programme encourages and rewards existing subscribers for recommending SAFER to their friends, family and colleagues.


We believe that word-of-mouth marketing and sharing the benefits of your emergency response app with the people in your circles is far more effective than a random Facebook advert or post.

So, instead of spending lots of money on advertising, we'd rather reward our raving fans. 


We pay a 25% signup bonus (that's R20) for everyone who joins SAFER - using your unique link.  Then a further 12% per person commission (that's R10) every month, for as long as they remain subscribers. (think of this as a nice little Side Hustle!)

On all Panic Buttons you promote, you'll receive a 10% commission (currently R129).


This means you have the potential to have a nice side-hustle, providing a monthly passive income - for those little extras in life!

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Affiliate Promgramme

Affiliate Programme

If you're a blogger or influencer and are concerned about women's safety, or work for an NGO in this field, we'd love to collaborate with you. 


You're invited to join our Affiliate Programme to raise awareness of how SAFER can help women - And at the same time be rewarded for doing so!

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