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Panic Button

The SAFER Panic Button is a smaller stand-alone device and is an alternative to using your phone to raise an alert. 


The difference is that it has only ONE function : Sending the Alert!

Simply press the button for 2 seconds -

the green light will change to red 

NOTE:  The Panic Button needs to be linked to a SAFER subscription to access the Emergency Response Platform. Your subscription covers you whether using the service via the SAFER App or the Panic Button.

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No need to carry your phone. Ideal for cyclists, runners, hikers, taxi-users & especially the elderly.


Has automatic fall and crash detect function.


Small, waterproof, elegant design

Dimensions: 70 x 38 x 19mm

Weight: 40 grams


Can be used as a keyholder, on a lanyard, attached to a bag/backpack


Powered by Li-SOCL battery, with  battery life of 2 years


GPS onboard.

Sigfox compliant radio network

Fully integrated with SAFER app

The SAFER Panic Button simplifies your life even more - when you may not want to have your phone with you, such as when you are out and about enjoying sporting activities or any time that your phone isn't readily available.  By pressing the button for 2 seconds, you are automatically connected to a national network of over 3600 armed & paramedic responders, in addition to your ICE contacts, who will have your exact GPS location. It's always best to be prepared, so you have some control over your safety.

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