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When travelling with LessGo, you are automatically covered by SAFER Emergency Response. Whenever you are in any danger, you simply press the SOS button in your LessGo app for immediate response.  The nearest reaction unit, from one of over 300 security companies, is instantly dispatched to come to your aid. 

BUT - how safe are you once you leave the vehicle . . .?

In collaboration with LessGo, you are now able to receive 24-hour protection from SAFER - the personal safety app that gets you help within seconds in any emergency, wherever you are!  

We Care About Your Safety!

As a LessGo Rider you'll receive

an Exclusive 25% Discount on

your SAFER subscription.

Normally  R79  but for you only R59 per month

Use discount code: LESS25

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So, what exactly is this safety app about...? 

 SAFER is what LessGo is using to protect their Drivers & Passengers 

You're now able to get the same security and medical response, anywhere in South Africa, straight from your phone.  This means never being alone in any emergency situation - not only when you're riding with LessGo Rides, but wherever you are, 24/7. 

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                       is an acronym for South Africa's Fastest Emergency Response.  We are able to confidently make this claim because we've partnered with a nationwide team of nearly 300 security and medical response companies -
this is the LARGEST NETWORK in SA!

         The App

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  • Proven leading-edge technology
  • Developed and supported by an experienced team
  • Available on all operating systems - Apple & Android
  • Easy for anyone to operate at any time
  • Video and audio evidence recordings
  • Notification sent via SMS and email to all emergency contacts
  • Additional Safety Functions:

The Response

  • Within SECONDS our 24/7 Control Center will call back to ascertain the nature of the emergency

  • They'll stay on the line until help arrives

  • At the same time, the nearest RESPONDER is immediately dispatched to your exact location - at no extra cost !

  • 3600+ Armed response officers and ER24 paramedics on standby nationwide

  • All chosen emergency contacts will also receive an alert notification and again when you're safe

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App Functions

So, what exactly is it that you've won...? 



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For those occasions when you may not be able to get to your phone (if it's in your bag for instance) you are able to set a timed alert, which

will automatically be sent

when the timer runs out

You can plot your trip or walk. Your ICE contacts are able to watch over you and they will be notified when you arrive safely at your destination

Simply SHAKE your phone

or press the on-screen

panic button when you

get into trouble or

are threatened

What To Do Next . . .

1.   Click here and fill in your details
2.   Choose your subscription and insert discount code: LESS25
3.   We'll send you an SMS to download  the SAFER app
DON'T WAIT - Get the SAFER app now!
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SAFER, 30 Days Guarantee, money back guarantee, satisfaction guarantee, full refund, buy safe, no risk, affordable, the best, get it now
Remember to use the Code: LESS25 to save 25% on your subscription
(normally R79 and you only pay
R59 per month)
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