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  • Janet Knight

The upside of load-shedding . . . if you're a criminal!

It seems that load-shedding is going to be with us for quite some time. Along with all of the inconvenience which it causes, it also makes many of us more vulnerable to a home invasion. With dark streets, numerous false alarms and sometimes compromised security systems, it's the perfect opportunity for criminals to strike.

ACT PERSONAL SAFETY have been involved in providing security training and systems to assist South Africans for many years. They've now put together this Home Safety Blueprint as a comprehensive guide to strengthening the 4 layers of security around you, and how to use them to keep you and your family safe. Working in the security environment we come across many organisations who offer safety advice. Some of the training is almost worse than no training at all, and others, like Personal Safety provide well thought out, sensible, practical advice. Hopefully after reading the blueprint you'll feel the same way, and take action towards keeping your family safer. Remember too that the SAFER app compliments this safety training and is the best method to take the same protection that you enjoy at home with you, wherever you go in South Africa.

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