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SAFER PANIC BUTTON - without subscription

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SAFER Panic Button - including delivery in South Africa

  • The SAFER Panic Button is ideal for an active lifestyle or for those times you may not want to have your phone with you, but are still concerned about your safety and being able to get instant help when you need it.
  • To activate an alert, simply press the button for 2 seconds - the green light will turn red to show that it has been sent and that the emergency response has been dispatched. The GPS will show the control center & respondents exactly where you are.

IMPORTANT : This option DOES NOT include the monthly or annual SAFER subscription - which is essential to be linked up with the nationwide 24/7 SAFER Emergency Response Service. If you are not already a SAFER Subscriber, take advantage of the discount offered on either of the other packages, which include a 6 or 12 month subscription.

Size: 70 x 38 x 19mm
Weight: 40g
Waterproof: sealed unit
Battery: Li-SOCL / 2 year battery life

Includes FREE SHIPPING - value R150.

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